How to Unclog a Toilet 101

Even if we make toilet seats, people often ask us, “How do I unclog my toilet?” Few things cause more instant anxiety than a toilet flush getting stuck. Whether you’re at home, work, or somewhere unfamiliar, a clogged toilet always seems to happen at the worst times. If you’re dealing with this issue and, even worse, don’t have a plunger, we’ve got some simple methods to flush away your worries.

Avoid Overflow at All Costs

  • Don’t: Keep flushing repeatedly hoping the blockage will break up. This might cause an overflow.
  • Do: If water is rising, lift the tank lid and use the rubber floater to block the hole. If it’s not fast enough, turn off the water at the valve behind the toilet.

Option #1: Taking the Plunge – How to Use a Plunger

Step 1: Ensure there’s enough water in the toilet to cover the plunger’s bottom. Add water from the sink or shower if needed.

Step 2: Position the plunger to cover the drain hole diagonally to maximize water in the cup.

Step 3: Plunge vigorously without breaking the seal, seven to ten times or until water starts to flush.

Step 4: Turn the water supply back on and flush. Repeat if needed.

Option #2: Hot Water, Soap & Soak

  • What you’ll need: Hot water, liquid soap, container.
  • Use hot water and liquid soap to lubricate and loosen the clog.

Option #3: Hot Water Gets You Out of Troubled Waters

  • What you’ll need: Hot water, container.
  • Pour hot water below the rim to dissolve the clog.

Option #4: Toilet Brush “Plunging”

  • What you’ll need: Toilet brush, a good grip.
  • Angle the toilet brush down the hole and “plunge” to loosen things up.

Option #5: “Snaking” Matters Into Your Own Hands

  • What you’ll need: Wire hanger or long-stemmed handle.
  • Use a wire hanger or similar to manually clear the blockage, avoiding touching the porcelain as much as possible.

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